A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
                ASL Tales
                      Classroom Teachers K-2 ASL Tales promote comprehension for the emergent reader. Young readers encounter the written and spoken word along with the visual concepts presented through American Sign Language. With the combination of multiple learning strategies the story reaches all students. Diverse learners are able to enjoy the feeling of independence as they freely access the written word. The benefits of ASL Tales can be seen across the curriculum. The linguistic requirements of ASL are theorized to increase a learners ability to visually create and manipulate complex images. With this trait modeled in ASL Tales and consequently practiced by the learner, visual-spatial relationship skills increase.  This skill can now be transferred from visualizing math word problems to comprehending the transfer of molecular equations.  
Activities We’re working on creating workbooks and teacher’s guides.  For now, share your classroom ideas with other teachers and get a discount on your next order.
- Submitted by classroom teachers using our books.
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