Welcome to the ASL Clues section.

We encourage you to approach your experience with a sense of adventure.  You are embarking on learning a new language, and ASL is language no less complex than any other language.  For hearing readers, this also means acquiring a new way of thinking about language and a new way of seeing.

We know from children’s language development that it is important to experiment, theorize about the rules (ex. I goed, instead of I went), and practice what you are learning.  Children will enjoy practicing with each other and with their parents and teachers.

We do not aspire to teach you all you will need to learn in one book.  The clues section will help you understand what you are seeing, and begin to develop an understanding of how ASL creates a message.   We have taught you the essential grammar and vocabulary for understanding these books.

For those who are interested in continuing their ASL study, check the Learning Center for additional products and courses.

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