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One product – So many possibilities! - Lucy (hearing), age 5, suddenly understands the idea of reading when she sees how different ASL is from English; metalinguistic thinking causes her to notice the written code of her native language. - Ryan (Deaf) does a creative writing task in both languages, using ASL Tales as a model, practicing how each language shares ideas. - Louis (hearing with ADHD), age 10, can finally sit still, and wants to read and see the story again and again. - Bridget (hearing on the Autism spectrum), age 8, practices identifying facial meaning, using the very explicit examples found in the ASL message. - A classroom of 3rd graders explores multicultural education, and develops an understanding of how language and culture are linked. - Sam (nonverbal), experiences reading and understanding a book for the first time (see Pablo’s story). - Spanish speaking Jorge, age 10, doesn’t read any English, after many years of exposure.  He loves the ASL and asks to read the book. (see Saundra’s experience). - Mary (hearing), age 9, loves the signing and the Deaf storyteller.  For the first time, she shows interest and respect for her the D/deaf students in her class. - Bob (Deaf), age 10, laughs and imitates with the storyteller, has aha! Experience about idioms, and looks proud when a fellow student asks a signing question. - Jessica (gifted), age 12, enhances her visual spatial skills, develops meta- language understanding, expresses more sophisticated ideas, and creates her own visual story.  
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