ASL Tales
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A Book for Each Student in the Class Rationale for ASL Tales as a ‘textbook’ Many programs are getting good results with just one copy of the Book/DVD*, and we would not discourage that. However, we know that when each student has their own copy… for discovery learning, for self-study, for homework assignments… the learning opportunities vastly increase. ASL Tales is best used as a discovery tool, and when students are given the opportunity to explore the texts individually (with teacher support!) they better retain the content, have more decoding and encoding opportunities, and are able to generalize the targeted learning.  One set of books can serve a school across the age span, each grade getting the benefits applicable to the targeted learning of those students. Whether the classroom is teaching gifted kids, high school drama students, pre- school pre-readers, students on the autism spectrum, or visualization skills for middle-readers, by allowing the students to explore via self-study, AND collaborate with their classmates, the outcomes are better. It’s a new way of thinking of ASL storytelling.  We know that a classroom of students sharing one textbook would limit learning outcomes.  Our experience is that the same thing is true with the opportunities of paired ASL-English literature. *We also offer the option of purchasing the DVD-only.  Depending on the age of the students and the learning goals, the physical book is not necessary for all classrooms. See a few pages from our website, that address just some of the ways ASL Tales can be used in your school: Sign Language and Text Comprehension