A New Way of Experiencing American Sign Language and English
                ASL Tales
Grades 3 to 5 On the continuum of reading stages addressed in the common core, grades 3-5 readers encounter an increased demand in retrieving previous knowledge in order to extend understanding of materials being read. ASL Tales encourages connections to a unique retelling of common folk tales to those commonly known around the world. Students of this level are now expected to produce quality written material. The format of ASL Tales uses effective techniques, rich-descriptive details, and a clear sequence of events. Using ASL Tales as an impetus, students become eager and willing writers of narratives, developing real or imagined experiences.
Grades 6 to 8  Now aiming to be advanced readers/writers, independence is expected of these upper elementary students. Lack of understanding more complex materials flooded with complicated figures of speech and inferred meanings hinders accessibility of the message for many at this grade level. The signing component of ASL Tales visually shows the meaning of the message, hidden or inferred. Writing becomes a more enjoyable task once the student can more easily draw upon the subtleties of the English language.
Activities We’re working on creating workbooks and teacher’s guides.  For now, share your classroom ideas with other teachers and get a discount on your next order.
- Submitted by classroom teachers using our books.
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